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Keith Archer

Property Investment Manager

4 Renall Street Masterton 5810


  • Residential Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Investment Advice
  • Rental Appraisals
  • Annual NSW/ACT - Top Property Investment Manager

About Keith Archer

It was with Great Relief that we welcomed Keith Archer to LJ Hooker Masterton in 2015. Having been in the Real Estate Industry for eight years and managing investments for over four of those, Keith’s experience, abilities and professionalism are a godsend.

Here is a capable man. Here is a Property Manager that gets all the jobs done. Here is reassurance that finally you CAN rely on someone to oversee the management of your portfolio – be it one or 21 properties – with integrity, accountability, and promptness.

Being very much a “hands-on” guy, a problem solver, and even a little bit of a MacGyver, Keith knows the properties he works with, and doesn’t hesitate to nip ‘round to change a lock or fix a washer. He’ll check a problem himself before calling in one of his reliable tradespeople, ensuring that no unnecessary expense is incurred for his property owners.

He’s also a knowledgeable bloke, reassuringly keeping up with the play in the ever-changing legal complexity of property management, minimising opportunities for potential concern. His business systems and technology back him up 100%, streamlining his work and providing the info you need at the touch of a button.

Likeable, witty, and quick to action; confident, responsible, and a good mate. Keith is an asset to us, and we know you’ll find him so too. Give him a call to see the Relief he can give YOU!

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