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Tonya-Lee Harrison

Office Manager

4 Renall Street Masterton 5810
  • Annual NZ - Top Business Systems Operator

About Tonya-Lee Harrison

Don’t be fooled by her ‘butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth’ appearance. This woman is sharp as a tack and quick on her feet.

Promoted to "Office Manager" after just a year working in administration with us, Tonya quickly became the backbone of this team; the glue that holds it all together. She cuts to the chase; doesn’t beat about the bush; holds the light at the end of the tunnel; is the wool that knits the pieces into one?

You get the idea.

Tonya - with efficiency and finesse - oversees the operating functions of our office and ensures deadlines are met, letters are written, phones are answered, properties are advertised, computers keep running, contracts typed, and that coffee is in the kitchen. She is our go-to girl that solves problems, motivates, and still, through all of this, rewards us constantly with her never-ending smile.

Her dedication to our team is outstanding. She even likes us. Her work ethic is phenomenal, her energy unwavering, her positivity sparkling, and her obvious enjoyment of the industry is wonderful to watch.

We are so grateful to have Tonya here and appreciate all she contributes. She is our ray of sunshine… a pot of gold… the icing on the cake… best thing since sliced bread…